Laser Hair Removal: How It Works

Hair is natural but appears unfortunately too often up in places where you do not want it, which can sometimes be due to age or changes in hormone balance. Many people choose to pluck, shave or wax remove the unwanted hair, at times instead can lead to irritated skin and experience of hair growth and thicker hair. The effect of these treatment methods is often very short.

When is laser hair removal appropriate?

  • For the removal of unwanted hair on all parts of the face or body.
  • Very bright, white or gray hair can not remove permanently with the help of the laser.
  • The coarser and darker hair and lighter the skin, the better and faster results. It"s because the more pigment there is in the hair, the easier and more efficiently guided laser beam into the hair follicle.

What happens before a depilatory?

You meet one of our certified therapists for a personal consultation Together you go through your thoughts and wishes. Based on the recommended then the treatment that is best suited for you, and you also get all the things you need about laser hair removal in Orlando and how this will go.

Laser hair removal in Orlando requires a series of repeated treatments to achieve optimal results. In connection with the consultation, you will also get information about this from your therapist.

All hair on our body has three different phases. If it were not so, we would be very hairy at some points and hairless on others. When it comes to hair removal, we can only remove the hair is in a growth phase.

That is when the hair is in contact with the hair follicle where the protein and stem cells are that we must destroy. Once the hair is in the rejection phase is no contact with the hair follicle which is then going into the resting phase. Resting period varies on our body. In the face is just a few weeks, while the rejuvenating phase of the legs can be several months.

How to prepare hair before treatment?

It has to be removed will preferably be shaved or cut off before starting treatment for best results. It"s crucial to remember that you shouldn"t wax, pick or bleach the hairs of 6 weeks before treatment when the laser has only one opportunity to affect the hair follicles that contain pigmented hairs.

Laser pulses can be felt like a small stick, but otherwise, treatment is gentle and not at all painful. The area to be treated determines the overall duration of the treatment, and a smaller area takes only a few minutes.

The number of treatments varies depending on where on the body the treatment to be carried out, and the hair and skin type you have. Usually, 6-8 treatments are required to achieve a good result, and it should ideally go about 4-8 weeks between each treatment.