7 Steps To A DIY Nail Salon Experience

What"s not to love with having pretty nails to show off? The way how they dazzle with your favorite shade of nail polish is just perfection. You"ll also feel confident and more beautiful just by having those perfect nails. That would look great along with a bit of skin tightening to get that flawless figure, but that"s a different story.

You can easily get a relaxing manicure and pedicure at the best nail salon Jacksonville has to offer but, you won"t always have the opportunity to do so. You might be dealing with deadlines at work, complying with overtime, insufficient funds for a “me time" or simply exhausted after a hard day"s work. I would completely understand as there would be days when going to the nail bar is only taxing. The traffic, the migraines and the lack of time are the main culprits.

So, how do you get clean and gorgeous nails without seeking the help of professional? The great news is you can create your own nail salon experience by using items in your home! Here are easy and straightforward steps to achieving a DIY manicure.

Things you will need:

  • cotton balls
  • acetone-free nail polish remover
  • nail clippers
  • nail file
  • sugar scrub
  • buffing block
  • moisturizer
  • nail polish – for the base coat, color, and top coat

Start by cleaning your nails.

Firstly, you need to strip your nails off from any remaining polish by using an acetone-free polish remover. It"s not recommended to use acetone for it will just dry up your nails and that can be nasty! Then, use your clippers cut your nails to the desired length and use a nail file to shape them. A crystal nail file would work great even for the most delicate nails, unlike the usual emery boards. It can also reduce peeling and chipping. Next, you can use a buffer to smooth out the surface of your nails and remove unwanted stains as well.

Soak it away and scrub.

For two to three minutes, soak your hands, and you might need 5 minutes for your feet. After that, you can go ahead with scrubbing, and you can use sugar for that. Just simply mix a tablespoon of sugar with a tablespoon of baby oil gel, and you"re ready to go. Gently scrub off the dry cells, rinse and dry with a clean towel.

Don"t mess with your cuticles.

Some might have the habit of removing cuticles, but it"s not recommended to do so. They serve as an extra protection against bacteria and other causes of infection. So as much as you wanted to remove it, resist the urge to do so.

Time for a base coat.

The base layer is necessary and should not be skipped. It makes your polish last longer and can prevent any yellow stains n your nails especially if you"re going for that red shade. Just steer clear of base coats that contain formaldehyde!

It"s color time!

Paint thinly to allow the color to dry entirely between coats. The correct way of painting is to swipe down at the center of the nail first, then on the sides.

Finish with a top coat.

Just one layer is all you need to get that perfect and shiny finish. This can also smooth away flubs and flaws.

Sit back and relax.

Okay, now you need just to chill and don"t do anything. You deserve this perfect time to rest, and your reward is those fabulous nails. Maybe you can take a nap, or this might be the right time to catch up on the exciting season of Game of Thrones.

So there you have it, seven simple steps to having a DIY manicure at the comforts of your home. Enjoy and take it easy!